Mystic Starter Program

Do you need a Mystic that is concentrating on you for a three month Period?

Ready to break the invisible chains that have been holding you back? Especially the ones that are from Your Family Patterns and Lineage?

Do you need all of your 12 – YES – 12 Chakra’s Activated, Aligned and Balanced?

Would you like to experience the Bliss of a Wealth Vibe Upgrade?

SIMPLY PUT - your life may have been on hold by your family lineage, your money and wealth flow could being blocked and you are ready to have personalized hand holding for a total of 3 months by a Spiritual Leader and Mystic. I’ve had over 20 years of experience helping people break through their family lineage and issues. And now, you can have the same high quality treatment I give to my VIP Clients with this Mystic Wealth Starter Program.

This powerful process will get to the root of the stoppages and blockages and clear the way so you can bring lasting freedom, wealth and joy your way!

What you can expect:

Feeling energized and have more clarity on how to start making more money flow to you
More confidence to take action now so you can truly bring in the cash
Feel fully ready to take on the world and have ah ha moments out of the blue.

PLUS – My clients have reported





And this is just the beginning….

What to know:

From the moment you set up the appointment my angelic team gets to work on setting up the right circumstances for your freedom to start to ring in. From there we prepare you to have the best experience you are capable of.

The actually call (Yes, I work globally!) is where you and I work together virtually. Each session will take approximately 40 to 60 minutes long.

You will have three powerful sessions with me:

  1. Family Lineage - Generational Clearing & Blessing
  2. 12 Chakra Activation with an Alignment Plus a Soul & Heart Fragment Retrieval Session
  3. Powerful Wealth Vibe Upgrade

Plus as a bonus, I will monitor you energetically every week, and smooth out any energies that are creating dis-ease before they even reach you.

And as a special bonus: I will follow up with you in a special session.

This is a special INVESTMENT you are giving to yourself and this is valued at over 5K.

Click on a time now so you can start to get cleared of the energies that hold you hostage.

Click on the time that works best for you. Go to the next page and fill the questions I have for you and then we will get you rocking and rolling into the good times for you.